The Tunisian Arab at your own pace

Our courses are designed to help you progress according to your needs. Our wide range of courses in different formats and schedules allows you to choose the best according to your lifestyle.


In our classes, we encourage you to participate and interact in Cyber-class so that you learn to use Tunisian Arabic more effectively and independently. Through our continuous assessment system and your teacher's personalized attention, you will receive the support you need to get the most out of your classes.

Course Overview

Duration: Each sub-level (A1.1 ...) is easily done in one month. So in 12 months, you would be an unspoken practitioner of that language.

Levels: beginner A1 to advanced C2

What you will learn.

· Trust yourself in different situations.

· Consolidate and expand your vocabulary.

· Improve the accuracy of writing tasks in the real world.

· Improve your pronunciation and develop your understanding of grammar in context.